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Business Banking FAQs

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  Do I need Business Banking?
Business Banking is provided for Businesses who wish to allow limited view-only access to employees as non signatories; this involves creating Internet Signing Authorities and Data Entry Operators. Business owners can also maintain passwords, account access and daily limits per signing authority.
  What can I do as a Business Banking Administrator (BBA)?
BBAs can give access to anyone who has a signing authority on a Business Account. They can also create Data Entry operators. For full details on what functions a BBA can perform please review the Business Banking Manual
  What can I do as an Internet Signing Authority (ISA)?
An Internet Signing Authority can create and process payments. For full details on functions an Internet Signing Authority can perform please refer to the Business Banking Manual.
  What Can I do as a Data Entry Operator?
Data Entry Operators can create payments and upload batches but cannot authorise or otherwise transact on the business account. For full details on functions a Data Entry Operator can perform please refer to the Business Banking Manual.
  What extra information do I require if I use MYOB for payrolls?
To uplift an ABA file to Online Banking you will require a 3 digit Bank Code (which is CRU), and a Direct Entry User Code (which is 048708). Ie.: CRU048708



Northern Inland Credit Union's Online Banking is one of the most secure banking technology systems available.

  Daily Transfer Limits 

Internal Transfers and BPAY Payments

No limits are set for internal transfers (transfers between your own accounts and other Memberships within Northern Inland) or BPAY payments. If you would like to set internal transfer limits for each of your accounts see our branch staff or contact us on 02 6763 5111.

External Transfer

External transfer limits (from Northern Inland accounts to another financial institution) apply to each of your accounts. To set transfer limits for each of your accounts see our branch staff or contact us on 02 6763 5111.

  Security Tokens

Northern Inland offers additional security features to ensure your online banking experience is as safe as possible. A second factor authentication is required for Members who need to transfer over $1,000 to accounts held with other financial institutions ("external transfers").

Online Banking users can choose from one of the following three options:

Mobile Phone Application: VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Access is an easy to install free application that means you don't have to carry a separate device.

The application transforms smart phones into a 'second factor' credential that displays a one-time password as required upon login.

See the App store for your smart phone and search 'VIP Access' to download. Alternatively, from your Smart Phone use the below links to take you directly to the applicable App store:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

SMS One-Time Passwords:

SMS one-time passwords are single use security tokens sent to your mobile phone for use when logging into your account online. Activate the one-time password option via 'Member Services' within your Online Banking session.

Security Token Device:

A Security Token is a small device which fits onto your key ring. It generates a single-use security number as required upon login. Your first Token is supplied free and is subject to a monthly rental fee, which is rebated under the Member Loyalty Program. Request a Token via 'Member Services' within your Online Banking session, visit a branch or phone our Contact Centre staff to arrange a token for you.


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