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24/7 banking access

Do your banking from your mobile phone or computer securely with 24/7 access. Transfer money securely, check transaction history and view account balances anywhere at anytime.

Banking your way

  • Everyday account for payroll and general access
  • Transfer money between your accounts or external accounts
  • Pay bills with BPAY®
  • View or print current account balances and transactions history
  • View interest earned or charged
  • Change your Online Banking password
  • Open new savings accounts on your existing Membership
  • Update your personal contact information
  • Register for Alerts
  • Activate your card
  • Manage your PayID
  • Send a secure message to our Contact Centre staff

Secure access

Your login details are kept securely behind the login screen. Always login from our website using your client number and password. Do not share your password with anyone, including Northern Inland staff.

We implement 24/7 security measures and regularly update our Members about smart ways to keep their accounts safe.

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Online Banking FAQs

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  • You need to have internet access and a Northern Inland Member number
  • Complete and submit the Online Banking registration form online

To reset your login information please either complete this quick form, call our Contact Centre on 02 6763 5111 or visit a branch during business hours. We will need to verify your identity before assisting you.

Internal transfers and BPAY payments

No limits are set for internal transfers (transfers between your own accounts and Memberships within Northern Inland).

The default BPAY limit is set to $5,000 per day per Membership. If you would like to set internal transfer limits for each of your 9 digit accounts, or recieve a higher daily BPAY limit, see us in branch or contact us on 02 6763 5111.

External transfers

The default external transfer limit of $3,000 (from Northern Inland accounts to accounts of other financial institutions) applies to each of your 9 digit accounts. To set a higher transfer limit see our branch staff or contact us on 02 6763 5111.

In most cases, transfers between your own accounts and to other Northern Inland accounts are instant.

Transfers to an external account - the recipient generally recieves the funds in 1-2 business days. If the funds have not reached their destination in 2 business days please contact us.

Osko, real time payments can be enabled for faster payments to external accounts.

Yes. Payments can be scheduled at a later or recurring day. You can also set up recurring payments daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

SMS one-time passwords are a form of 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) used when logging in - giving you an added layer of security with your Online Banking. It helps prevent unathorised access even if someone gets hold of your password.

SMS one-time passwords are single use security codes (used to be referred to as 'tokens') sent to your mobile phone for use when logging in to your account online. Activate the on-time password option via 'Member Services' within your Online Banking session.

Once you have registered for Online Banking you can set up SMS Alerts to notify you of transactions on your accounts. To set up, go to the 'Inbox' menu in Online Banking, select 'Alerts' and follow the prompts to select which alerts you would like to recieve. You can also maintain your Alerts here.

To change your mobile phone and email details log on to Online Banking, go to the 'Member Services' menu and select 'Update Contact Details'. For more information visit the Alerts page.

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Secure and safe

Northern Inland Credit Union is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Dealing with us is equally as safe as banking with other financial institutions in Australia.

The oversight we receive from APRA has strengthened our already sound business model administered by our Board of Directors and senior management. This puts us in a firm and sustainable position for the future.

As a strongly regulated mutual, Northern Inland is safe and competitive with a full range of products. You can feel secure that your Savings and Investment accounts with Northern Inland are protected with the Government Deposit Guarantee.

Financial Claims Scheme: APRA oversees the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) which is designed to protect depositor funds up to $250,000 per account holder per institution. As a result of this regulation we are required to provide you with the opportunity to nominate to us details of an alternate account you hold at another financial institution.