Stay on top of your accounts with Alerts

Manage your money smarter

Setup and use Alerts to receive messages when account balances fall outside a nominated range or when you have an upcoming payment. 30+ Alerts available.

Setup through Online Banking

SMS and email alerts allow you to receive notifications about your accounts anywhere you have coverage on your mobile phone or internet access.

This saves you on transaction fees that would be charged if you made balance enquiries at the ATM.

Register for Alerts via Online Banking.

Tips for using Alerts

1. Once you have registered for Online Banking - log on, go to the ‘inbox’ menu, select ‘alerts' and follow the prompts. You can also maintain your alerts from here.

2. Received SMS alerts will be no more than 160 characters in length.

3. To change your mobile phone and email details log on to Online Banking, go to the ‘member services’ menu and select 'update contact details'.

4. You can receive 8 free SMS Alerts per month. Additional alerts are at a cost; read the PFS Fees and Charges for further information.

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What Alerts can be setup?

Over 30 types of Alerts are available to be set up

Manage your money smarter using Alerts to notify you when balances are low, payments are made or a loan repayment is overdue.

Alerts available via SMS or email

  • Savings or investment account balance is outside the nominated range
  • Loan or overdraft account balance is outside the nominated range
  • A credit or deposit more than the nominated amount.
  • A debit or withdrawal more than the nominated amount.
  • A loan repayment is overdue
  • Advance notification of maturing term deposit
  • Account balance at close of business on a regular frequency
  • Change in loan status
  • Online Banking login
  • Periodical payments alerts
  • Advance notification of continuing credit payment
  • Notification of change in daily debit limit
  • Notification of an ATM/POS withdrawal

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Secure and safe

Northern Inland Credit Union is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Dealing with us is equally as safe as banking with other financial institutions in Australia.

The oversight we receive from APRA has strengthened our already sound business model administered by our Board of Directors and senior management. This puts us in a firm and sustainable position for the future.

As a strongly regulated mutual, Northern Inland is safe and competitive with a full range of products. You can feel secure that your Savings and Investment accounts with Northern Inland are protected with the Government Deposit Guarantee.

Financial Claims Scheme: APRA oversees the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) which is designed to protect depositor funds up to $250,000 per account holder per institution. As a result of this regulation we are required to provide you with the opportunity to nominate to us details of an alternate account you hold at another financial institution.