Your Financial Wellness

Understanding your financial wellbeing is a key step to building a healthy financial future.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Your Financial Wellness, an online program designed to help you better understand your current financial situation, so you can start planning for the one you want. Available to all Northern Inland Credit Union Members free of charge, you will be given access to a number of tools and resources to check if you are on track.

Take control of your finances

  • Manage your everyday expenses
  • Plan for your future
  • Manage unexpected financial emergencies

A better future starts today

Track your progress

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Personalised reports

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Interactive budget planner

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On-demand tailored tutorials

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Actions to help you achieve your goals

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Getting started is easy

  1. Join the program
    To activate your access, click here and complete the short registration form. Once complete, you’ll receive a link to access the online portal by email from the Your Financial Wellness admin.
  2. Complete the online survey
    Using the 24-hour secure platform, understand your current financial position by taking the five minute Your Financial Wellness Index survey.
  3. Improve your financial wellbeing and keep track
    Access a range of self-paced tutorials and resources and a dashboard so you can track your progress. Start Your Financial Wellness journey here.

Master your financial knowledge with our tools and resources

  • Set yourself up with financial success with self-paced tutorials, articles and e-books
  • Achieve your goals quickly and gain a clear understanding of the time required to reach them using Calculators and FAQs
  • Budgeting tools to help you track, plan and prioritise
  • Understand finance and take control of your financial future with on-demand webinars and videos
  • Learn effective strategies to manage your income with strategy guides, articles and news

Equipping you with financial tools and knowledge

This program has been developed to help Members articulate and meet their financial goals. Based on what you input into the program, it includes a set of tools and factual information tailored to meet your individual circumstances.

A unique personal downloadable report will summarise your goals, current financial situation and direct you to articles that we deem most helpful in achieving your goals.

Financial wellness is not just about maximising wealth, it is ensuring that you are happy and comfortable with your financial decisions. The leading cause of financial stress is not lack of finances, but over commitment.

At Northern Inland Credit Union, we are dedicated to helping you find smarter ways to manage your money.

The program is at the forefront of a new approach to establishing financial relationships based on Member needs rather than available products. The program is being closely monitored by the University of NSW with a view to ensuring this unique and ground-breaking approach is designed to best meet the needs of the public rather than financial institutions.

About Your Financial Wellness

Your Financial Wellness (YFW) is a Sydney-based data analytics and financial wellness platform providing innovative solutions to Australian financial institutions. Since launching in early 2018, the company has executed agreements with eight financial institutions providing access to a user-base of over 500,000 consumers. YFW is currently working with UNSW Sydney to deliver pioneering research into the financial wellness of everyday Australians.

For more information on YFW visit

Financial Hardship

We’re here to help our Members find smart financial solutions, and this includes assisting you when you are impacted by hardship, such as illness or job loss

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