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SMS and Email Alerts allow you to receive notifications about your accounts anywhere you have coverage on your mobile phone or internet access.

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Simply set up an alert for when your pay goes into your account or an alert for when your account falls below a predetermined limit.

This saves you on transaction fees that would be charged if you made balance enquiries at the ATM.

Members who are currently registered with Online Banking can register themselves for Alerts via Online Banking, or alternatively one of our friendly team members can assist you via the Enquire now button.

  Type of Alerts you can receive
  • Savings or Investment account balance is outside the nominated range.
  • Loan or Overdraft account balance is outside the nominated range.
  • A Credit or Deposit more than the nominated amount.
  • A Debit or Withdrawal more than the nominated amount.
  • A Loan repayment is overdue
  • Advance notification of a Loan repayment being due
  • Credit Card payment is overdue
  • Continuing Credit payment is overdue
  • Advance notification of maturing Term Deposit
  • Account balance at Close of Business on a regular frequency
  • Change in loan status
  • Online Banking Login
  • Periodical Payments Alerts
  • Information Requests Email Request
  • Notification when payment is due on charge card/overdraft account
  • Notification of change in cash advance rate on charge card/overdraft
  • Notification of change in overdraft limit
  • Notification of change in loan repayment amount
  • Advance notification of loan interest rate change
  • Notification of statement production
  • Notification of guarantor signature
  • Notification of cancellation of charge card
  • Notification of change to telephone bill password
  • Advance notification of Continuing Credit payment
  • Notification of change in daily debit limit
  • Notification of an ATM/POS withdrawal
  • Notification of a personal cheque withdrawal
  • Notification of a Direct Credit
  • Notification of a Direct Debit
  • Notification of family allowance deposit
  • Notification of unpaid cheque deposit
  • Notification of payroll deposit
  Tips for using SMS and Email Alerts

1. Once you have registered for Online Banking log on, go to the Inbox menu, select ‘Alerts' and follow the prompts. You can also maintain your Alerts at this site.

2. Received SMS Alerts will be no more than 160 characters in length.

3. To change your mobile phone and email details log on to Online Banking, go to the Member Services Menu and select 'Update Contact Details'.

4. You can receive 8 free SMS Alerts per month. Additional alerts are at a cost; read the PFS Fees and Charges for further information


For security purposes you should delete, not save, SMS or email messages.


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