Consumer Data Right (CDR)

The Consumer Data Right, also known as Open Banking, provides you with rights to data that relates to you, to help you compare products and services. CDR allows you to share of your information with third parties, such as Fin Techs or other banks. These third parties are known as Accredited Data Recipients, who have been accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. CDR is subject to privacy safeguards in data collection, use and disclosure. Learn more about CDR on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) website and the Australian Government Consumer Data Right website

Data available under the CDR

NICU provides information about our products and services. These describe the different accounts or non-cash payment services, any restrictions, and relevant interest rates. The personal information which is included under the CDR only includes information for accountholders who are adults, where that information can be accessed by the accountholder or an authorised signatory online. If you give your consent to an Accredited Data Recipient to have NICU share your personal information, this information can include:

  • Account holder names and contact details, and occupation
  • Business accounts if the account is held in your name, and information about that business
  • The products and services you have with NICU, and account balances
  • Transaction information, including automated payments
  • Payees that you have used in Online Banking.

Please note that transactional data earlier than 1 January 2017 is not available under the CDR.

Developers can view our Open Banking Product API here.

How you can consent to data disclosure

You may want to share data with an Accredited Data Recipient so they can provide you with a product or service. You give your consent to that Accredited Data Recipient. You then notify NICU that you have given your consent. When this option is available to you we will advise as to how you provide your consent. We will ask you which product and service information you want to share.

You then authorise NICU to share that information. Please note, you need to review or refresh your consent and authorisation every 12 months, if you have not withdrawn your consent and authorisation. In the event of an account or product held in joint names the individual consent of all accountholders is required before we will share the information. When NICU has disclosed your personal information to the Accredited Data Recipient, we update your Consumer Dashboard.

The Consumer Dashboard is available to you by logging onto Online Banking. We also email all accountholders of the disclosure, unless such notification threatens physical or financial harm or abuse. The email sets out:

  • What CDR data was disclosed, including a data range, and the frequency for ongoing disclosure if applicable
  • When the CDR data was disclosed
  • The Accredited Data Recipient of the CDR data.

Data quality: NICU aims to keep your information accurate, up to date and complete. This means your disclosed data may not include account and services which have been cancelled or closed. If you are concerned that incorrect or inaccurate data has been disclosed, contact the Privacy Officer on 02 6763 5111 or by email at

We will send you an acknowledgement of receipt of your contact to us, and we will provide you with a response within 5 business days. If the data is incorrect, we correct it. If we believe it is correct, we supply you with an explanation. In some cases we may disclose your data with a qualifying statement: if you have raised an e-payments inquiry, and that investigation has not concluded when the data disclosure is made, we will provide a qualifying statement to accompany the data disclosure.

Our commitment: We value your trust in us as a Member-owned entity. The security of your personal information is our priority. We are committed to complying with the privacy legislation when we collect, hold and manage the information that may allow others to identify you. Please see our Privacy Policy on our website

Making a complaint: We offer an internal complaint resolution scheme which any customer can access at any time without charge if they are concerned about an interference with their privacy. You can make a privacy complaint in person at one of our branches, by calling us on 02 6763 5111, or via email at In order to lodge a complaint, we need to be able to identify you and the nature of your complaint or concern. We will ask you for:

  • Your full name, NICU Membership number and current contact details
  • The relevant disclosure request and Accredited Data Recipient
  • The details of your complaint (such as account information disclosed in error).

If you are not satisfied, we will advise you how to contact AFCA, our external dispute resolution scheme provider. See our Complaints factsheet for more information https: //www. nicu. com. au/about-us-complaints. html. You may also contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner if you are concerned. The Commissioner, as an impartial third party, may investigate and resolve complaints regarding CDR data. The Commissioner can be contacted at:

Version 2, November 2022.

Open Banking Product API

The NICU Product Reference Data API is as defined by the Australian Consumer Data Standards and supports all features. Open Banking APIs are designed in accordance with the Australian Consumer Data Standards. These facilitate third parties obtaining information about all of NICU’s savings and transaction accounts, home and investment loans, personal loans and our credit card. Product information such as interest rates, fees, features, eligibility and other general information may change over time without notice. You can also check our product information via our website –

For Developers: Should your developer wish to access the API they may do so using the following endpoint:
Version: 3
API Endpoint:
For troubleshooting technical issues or queries on APIs, please contact us

Get Products: Developers can use Get Products to obtain a list of products that are currently openly offered to the market.
Technical specifications, code samples and example responses can be found here:

Get Product Detail: Developers can use Get Product Details to obtain detailed information on a single product offered openly to the market:
Technical specifications, code samples and example responses can be found here:

Developer Code Example for GET Products:
GET https:// HTTP/1.1
x-v: 3
Content-Type: application/json

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