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  What is Northern Inland’s Mobile Banking app - NICU App?

Northern Inland's app allows you to complete everyday banking functions on your mobile phone.

  What phones will the app work on?

The app will work on Android devices (version 3 and above) and iOS devices (iOS 7 and above).

  Am I able to use my Unlocked/ Rooted/ Jailbroken Devices?

Yes, however you will only be able to utilise the payments section for existing payees in your address book. Card changes are not allowed from these devices.

  How much does the app cost?

The app is free to download at the Google Play or Apple App Store. The app does use a small amount of data, so data usage charges may apply from your mobile network provider.

  What can I do with the app?

The app allows you to complete your everyday essential banking functions on your mobile phone. You can view your accounts and check account balances; transfer funds between your own accounts, utilise Pay Anyone functionality and pay bills via BPAY, including setting up new billers. The app also has a branch locator, as well as card functions that allow you to change the PIN on any of your cards, or report them lost or stolen.


Getting Started

  How do I get the app?

You can download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

  What do I need to register the app?

You will need to be registered for Online Banking before being able to use the app. You will need to know your Member Number as well as your Online Banking password. If you have not registered for Online Banking, contact us on 02 6763 5111 or apply here. Please note: if you have never accessed Online Banking before you must first login on your computer to set-up your Online Banking password before accessing the app.

  How do I register the app?

When you first log into the app you will be asked for your member number and Online Banking password. You will then be asked to create a passcode. Your passcode must be a minimum of 4 digits long. Once you’ve entered these details and created the passcode, the app will be ready to use.

  Can I register the app on more than 1 device?

No, you can only register the app on 1 device at a time. If you try to register on a second device, it will deregister you automatically from the first device.

  The app is detecting my device is unlocked/rooted/jailbroken however I just purchased it brand new, why?

Some manufacturers unlock devices to add their own branding, in some cases when the unlocking is reversed a step is missed which may not remove the administrator or root access. Refer to your phone vendor for further information.

  Is my passcode the same as my card PIN?

Your passcode is chosen by you when you register the app and gain entry to access its secure features for the first time. Your card PIN is the PIN for your card. For your security, we recommend that you choose a passcode that’s different to your PIN. And like your PIN, you should keep your passcode confidential.

  Does the app require an internet connection to work?

The app will need an internet connection to register, retrieve your latest balances and transaction details and perform payment and card functions. You can do a limited number of Tap & Pay transactions without an internet connection before you will be prompted to establish an internet connection.


Lost or Stolen Cards

  How do I report a card lost or stolen via the app?

You can report a card lost or stolen by selecting the ‘Cards’ option from the ‘Accounts’ screen, and then selecting ‘Report Lost or Stolen Card’. You will then need to confirm whether the card is Lost or Stolen and finally select ‘OK’ to confirm the action. This will cause all transactions attempted on the card to be declined, including any recurring payments, balance updates and transfers performed via the Mobile Banking app. You will need to contact us by calling 6763 5111 to organise a replacement card.


Block/Unblock Cards

  What transactions will be blocked?

All these transactions will be blocked: 1. Point of Sale transactions 2. All MasterCard and Visa transactions 3. Any Direct Debits linked to a card Note: transactions that come from a bank account linked to a card will not be blocked

  Will any scheduled payments still be processed if I place a block on a Card?

Scheduled payments that are set from your bank account will be processed however direct debits that have been set up against your card will be blocked.

  Does the Block and Unblock happen immediately?


  If I place a Block on my card and then can't find my card what should I do?

Use the Lost or Stolen function in the app to stop the card and have a new one issued. Alternatively a new card can be re-ordered by contacting the contact centre.

  How long before I can use my card again after Unblocking it?

Once you remove a block on your card you can use it immediately.

  When is it a good time to block my card?

Whenever you have misplaced your card but expect you may still recover it; or have concerns about the security of your card, e.g. travelling overseas.


PIN Changes

  How do I change my card’s PIN via the app?

You can change your PIN using the app by selecting the ‘Cards’ option from the ‘Accounts’ screen, and then selecting ‘Change PIN’. You will be able to set up a new 4 digit card PIN in the app whether you know your exisiting PIN or not.  If you know your current PIN, you will need to enter your current PIN, enter a new PIN, confirm this new PIN and then select ‘Update’. The change of PIN is effective immediately. If you don't know your current PIN, select the tick box 'I don't know my PIN' so that you can enter a new PIN.

  Can I change my card’s PIN via the app if I don’t know my current PIN?

Yes if you select the tick box 'I don't know my PIN', you will be able to create a new PIN via the app.

  I have activated my card through Online Banking but it is still showing as ‘Pending Activation’ on the app. How long should it take?

Once you have activated your card through Online Banking, it can take up to 24 hours for your card to be available through your app.



  Can I pay a bill via BPAY using the app?

Yes. You can access all payments functions by choosing the ‘Payments’ option from the ‘Accounts’ screen. To pay a bill select the ‘BPAY’ option. Choose the ‘Select or Create Biller’ option to select an existing biller from your ‘Biller Address Book’. Enter the amount you wish to pay and an optional description, and then select ‘Make Payment’. The payment will then be verified and a receipt issued if the payment is complete. You can set up and save a new biller using the app by selecting the ‘Add Biller’ option from the ‘BPAY’ screen.



  Can I make transfers to other accounts using the app?

Yes. You can access all payments functions by choosing the ‘Payments’ option from the ‘Accounts’ screen. To make payments to other accounts within Australia, select the ‘Pay Anyone’ option. Choose the ‘Select or Create Biller’ option to select an existing biller or create a new one. Enter the amount you wish to pay and an optional description, and then select ‘Make Payment’. The payment will then be verified with a ‘Payment Complete’ pop up. You can make a payment to a new account by selecting the ‘Add Payee’ option from the ‘Pay Anyone’ screen.

To make transfers between your own accounts with Northern Inland Credit Union select the ‘Transfer’ option. Choose the ‘Transfer from account’ and the ‘Transfer to account’. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and an optional description, and then select ‘Make Transfer’. The transfer will then be verified with a ‘Transfer Complete’ pop up.

  Can I make transfers to international accounts?

Currently only transfers to domestic (Australian) accounts are supported via our app, however you are able to make international payments through our Online Banking.

  Can I make schedule future payments and transfers to other accounts using the app?
With the app you can schedule a payment or transfer by nominating a future date on which a transaction is to be made (not available on some accounts).
Depending on the availability of cleared funds, we will attempt to process your scheduled transfer or payment. We will attempt to process the transfer or payment on the day it is due.
Scheduled transactions can be suspended or cancelled by you up to and including the day the transfer or payment is due if we have not begun processing the payment (usually before 6:00am Sydney time). Otherwise, we will process the payment or transfer as originally instructed by you.
If there are insufficient cleared funds in the Account at the time you tell us to make a Payment (including the time for a Scheduled payment you have arranged), we may:
  • decline to process your scheduled transfer or payment, or
  • use our discretion to honour the payment
  Can I transfer payments via Osko using the aApp?
Yes if the other Financial Institution also offers Osko. For more information regarding Osko, see our Osko FAQs page.
  Can I register and maintain my PayIDs?
No. Registration and maintenance of PayID’s is not currently available through the app. The app only allows the viewing of existing registered PayID’s set up via your Online Banking.



  Can I check my updated balance without having to login?

Your balance is automatically displayed when you open the app, but to make sure that the displayed balance is current you may have to refresh by sliding down on the screen. You do not have to login just to check your balance.

  Can I hide or disable my balances from automatically displaying?
Yes you can hide accounts and disable your updated balance so that it doesn't show a balance before logging in
  Why is the balance on the app sometimes different to what’s showing on Online Banking?
If you've made any transactions on Northern Inland's Online Banking (including direct debits) or withdrawn money from an ATM, the updated balance may not show straight away. To ensure you're looking at your most up to date balance, you can close the app (so it's not running in the background) and then reopen it. This will trigger a balance update. The balance will also update whenever a payment is made using the app.
  Can I set up or amend future dated transactions and recurring payments via the app?
You will need to amend existing recurring payments via Online Banking or by contacting us on 6763 5111.



  Are there payment limits for transfers made via the app?
The same limits that are in operation for Mobile Banking apply to transfers made with the app. These are $1000 for transfers and $3000 for BPay payments.


Show/ Hide/ Reorder Accounts

  How do I reorder my accounts?
From the app, select: Menu > Preferences > Show/ Hide/ Reorder Accounts And, follow the steps below: Step 1: Select an account to reorder Step 2: Use the arrows to move the account up or down
  How do I show/ hide my accounts?
From the app, select: Menu > Preferences > Show/ Hide/ Reorder Accounts And, follow the steps below: Step 1: Select an account to show or hide Step 2: Use the toggles on the right to hide or show the account (red means account will be hidden from the home screen view, green and the account will show)


Travel Overseas

  Why do I need to let Northern Inland know of my travel plans?
It is important to let us know if you’re going overseas. That way we can keep an eye on your accounts and minimise the chances of your card being blocked or flagged for unusual activity.
  What kind of information will I need to provide to Northern Inland for a travel notification?
All you need to do is highlight the travel dates, the destinations where you will be travelling to and your contact details for the travel notification.
  How do I notify Northern Inland if I’m going overseas?
From the app, select: Menu > Preferences > Travel Overseas
  Do I need to fill out a separate travel notification request for each of my accounts with Northern Inland if I am taking more than one card with me?
No, all the accounts registered with your member number will be updated in our system so you can take more than one card with you.
  How far in advance do I need to let Northern Inland know I will be travelling?
A travel notification can be submitted on the day of your departure or earlier.
  Can I update a travel notification that I have already submitted?
No, you will need to send another notification via the app if your travel plans have changed.


Push Notifications

  What is Push Notification?
A push notification is a message sent to a mobile device. Push notifications are presented in the same way as mobile alerts. They allow users to receive information regarding to the app that they have installed (in this case, their app).
  How do I know if I can receive Notifications?
The iOS and Android operating systems support push notifications. You have to turn on the functionality in the phone and banking app settings to be able to receive them.
  Is there any cost to receive Notifications?
No, notifications are free.
  How do I turn on/off notifications on my phone?
The process is slightly different depending on your mobile device and its operating system. However generally you will be able to turn it on or off from within your phone’s “settings”, then “notifications”.
  How do I check if I can receive Push Notifications from my app?
You will need to download and install the latest version of the app. Upon successful login, you will be able to check/setup your notification preference under the “notifications” option located in the burger menu.
  Do I need to be in the  App to receive Push Notifications?
No, you will receive push notifications as long as you,
1. have installed the latest version of the app,
2. have successfully logged in to the app before,
3. have turned on your notification preference both in your phone settings and from within the app,
4. have mobile reception.
  How do I find out what version of the app I am currently on?
You can locate the version number at the bottom if the Burger Menu display in the top left corner of the app.
  What types of Push Notifications will I be receiving from my app?
At present, you will be receive service messages only. E.g. notification about a scheduled app maintenance. This will be expanded in the future.
  Is it safe to receive Push Notifications? Would I receive any scams or fake messages?
It is safe to receive notifications from your app because they are sent directly from Northern Inland Credit Union. However you can always contact us if you are in doubt of any messages and wish to speak to someone.
  Can I turn my notifications off after I turn them on?
You can turn off Push Notifications at any time. You can do this either via in-app notification settings, or from your phone settings.
  Why am I receiving a notification even though I have turned them off in the app settings?
We may contact you with some important messages that will override your app preferences. This will be on an exceptional basis.


Android Biometrics

  Will this work with all Android devices?
Android fingerprint login is not supported on all Android Devices. Android devices will need to have a fingerprint scanner to use this feature.
  My device supports Fingerprint login, however this is not available in the app, Why?
Some Android device manufacturers build their devices in a way that does not support the fingerprint login within the banking app.
  If I enable Fingerprint login can I still login with my Passcode?
Once you enable fingerprint login it will be the default login method. However you can dismiss this and use your passcode.


Fingerprint Login

  How do I setup Fingerprint Login?
On the login screen after the app launches: Enter your Member number, Online Banking password and phone number On the following screens, follow the prompts to setup Fingerprint login. Your fingerprint will be registered the next time you sign in. It is highly recommended that only your fingerprints be stored on the phone and ensure that the phone has lock screen enabled.
  Is Fingerprint login more secure than using a passcode to sign in?
Fingerprint login has the same level of security as passcode authentication
  What devices and operating systems does Fingerprint login work on?
Currently Fingerprint Login is only available on iPhone’s supporting Touch ID (iPhone 5s and above) and running iOS 8 and above. We may review our service offering as more devices make this feature available and meet our security standards
  Can more than one person's fingerprint be registered to the phone?
Yes, it is possible to store more than one person’s fingerprints on a phone. However, just like it is your responsibility to keep secure your NICU app passcode, the Fingerprint Login option should be treated with the same level of security. This means that you should not register for Fingerprint Login if you would like to have other people’s fingerprints stored on your phone, as they would be able to access your NICU app.
  What if the app is not accepting my fingerprint after registering?
If the fingerprint does not work, you can still use your passcode to sign in. You can delete the fingerprint on the phone and set it up again if you wish to use Fingerprint login.
  Can I use any finger to sign in?
Yes, as every fingerprint is unique. You can store as many of your fingerprints as the device allows.
  Where is my fingerprint stored?
Your fingerprint is stored on your phone (as part of the user settings), and when you use your fingerprint to sign into the app, we rely on your phone to authenticate your fingerprint.
  Can more than one person sign into the app using their fingerprint stored on the same phone?
Once Fingerprint login is activated, any fingerprint which is stored on the phone can then be used to sign into the app. You should not use Fingerprint Login if you wish to retain other people’s fingerprints on your phone
  Is the same fingerprint that unlocks the phone able to access the app?
Yes, once Fingerprint login has been activated, any fingerprint which is stored on the phone can then be used to sign into the app
  Does my phone need to have a screen lock enable to use Fingerprint login?
Yes, as per the operating system requirements, you will be required to have a screen lock security option, such as password / passcode / fingerprint enabled on your phone before you can set up Fingerprint login within the app.
  What happens if my phone is stolen – will someone be able to access my accounts?
No, not without your sign in details. You should call Northern Inland in the event your phone is lost or stolen so we can deregister your phone.
  If I have fingerprint capability on my phone, do I have to use Fingerprint login?
No, you can choose your preferred sign in method - passcode or fingerprint.
  How do I remove existing fingerprints on the phone or disable them in the app?
To remove fingerprint from the app, select: Menu > Preferences > Fingerprint Login Ensure the toggle 'Enable Fingerprint login' is red
  When the app is updated, will I need to set up Fingerprint login again?
No, it will be automatically updated.


Deregistering a Device

  How do I access the deregister function?

Menu > Deregister Device

From here, you will need to follow the prompts

  I have accidentally deregistered the wrong device, how can I reregister it?

If the Application no longer exists on the deregistered device, you will need to download and install the latest version of the App from either Google Play or App Store onto the deregistered device.

If the application does exist or you have reinstalled the application on your device, you will need to open up the application and re-register the device using your Online Banking login details.



  If someone gets hold of my phone can they access my account details?
The app requires a passcode to access account details. If you lose your phone you should contact Northern Inland as soon as possible. We will deregister the app remotely for you.
  What happens if I enter my passcode incorrectly?
You will have five (5) attempts to enter the correct passcode when accessing the app. After five (5) unsuccessful attempts your app will go into a deregistered state. You will need to re-register the app using your member number and Online Banking password, and set a passcode as per the normal registration process.
  What happens if I forgot my passcode?
If you cannot remember your passcode, you will need to deregister the app and then re-register. You can deregister the app by clicking on the clogs/settings symbol in the top right hand corner of the app, and entering your passcode incorrectly five (5) times. You will need to re-register the app using your member number and Online Banking password, and set a passcode as per the normal registration process.
  What can I do to protect my passcode?
You should always:
  • Memorise your passcode as soon as possible
  • Use a number that is not obvious or can't be easily guessed. Don't use your date of birth or driver's licence number
  • Take precautions when using the app - don’t let anyone watch you enter your passcode.
You should never:
  • Tell or let anyone find out your passcode - not even family or friends
  • Record a passcode on your device or computer
  • Keep a record of the passcode with your device.
  Am I able to use the fingerprint reader on my device to access the app?
Yes, this option is available on iPhone 5 and above running iOS 8 and above, however if you have more than one persons fingerprint registered on your device it is not advisable to enable this option as any registered fingerprint will be able to access the app.
  What can I do to protect my phone/device?

As with all personal belongings, take extra care to keep your phone secure and safe.

    There are a few things that you can do:
  • Use a strong screen lock or PIN that cannot be easily guessed;
  • Keep your phone locked when you’re not using it; and
  • Ensure your phone is registered with your phone network provider.