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Direct Debits - FAQs

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What is a Direct Debit?

A direct debit is a payment authority to electronically debit your account, that you have set up with a merchant or service provider.

  How does it work?

Northern Inland receives an electronic request from the merchant/service provider’s financial institution to debit your account. Provided your account has sufficient clear funds, the direct debit is paid.

You can speak with the merchant/service provider about the timing of the direct debit. Some Members prefer to pay direct debits at the beginning of the month, and others half way through the month.

Always make sure there are sufficient funds in your account to pay the direct debit a few days before the direct debit is due. Unfortunately Northern Inland doesn’t have any control over when the direct debit occurs, and on occasion, your merchant/service provider may send the direct debit a bit later or earlier, especially near public holidays.

  Are there any costs?

Provided you have sufficient clear funds in your account, your first 5 direct debits to your Northern Inland Membership each month are free, and additional direct debits are charged, but this fee is rebated. See our Member Loyalty program for more information.

  Can I choose from which account the direct debit is paid?

Normally direct debits are paid out of your primary savings account. After the first time the direct debit has been paid, you can ask Northern Inland to pay the direct debit from a nominated account within your Membership, or you can set up a hierarchy accounts, for example, for Project Savings Account, but if there are insufficient funds in it, your On Call Savings Account.

There are some accounts from which we do not normally pay direct debits. These include the Internet Saver Account, the Christmas Club Account, the Bonus Saver Account, and term deposits. Our staff can advise which of your accounts you can use to pay direct debits, or see the Product Fact Sheet for your account for more information.

You can set up a direct debit on your Classic Credit card or Visa Debit card account, but to do so you need to advise the merchant/service provider of your card details. If your card is subsequently cancelled (for example, you report it to us as being lost or stolen) your new card will have a different number and you will need to contact your merchant/service provider with your new card details.

  How do I know if my direct debit has been paid or not?

You can check your account transactions at any time using Online Banking or Phone Banking.

If your account is overdrawn, or you do not have sufficient clear funds in your account, your direct debit may not be paid. Northern Inland may stop your direct debit to avoid overdrawing, or further overdrawing your account. If you deposit sufficient funds to your account to correct the overdrawing and pay the reinstatement fee, we may restart your direct debit. Contact us for more information.

  How can I cancel a direct debit?

You can cancel a direct debit by contacting Northern Inland:

  • In branch
  • By calling 02 6763 5111
  • By sending us a secure email when you are logged into Online Banking

We will ask you some questions to verify your identity, your relevant account and the direct debit by its remitter number. Whilst we try to process your instruction as soon as possible, please allow 3 business days for cancellation.

We strongly recommend that you also contact the merchant or provider to cancel the direct debit at its source: because we cancel the direct debit by its remitter number, if your merchant/service provider subsequently sends the direct debit under a different remitter number, it may be automatically debited from your account. This also helps you to avoid fees from the merchant/service provider arising from a stopped, rejected or missed payment.

Northern Inland will not charge you a fee for cancelling your direct debit, but there is a reinstatement fee if you later decide you want the direct debit to be honoured.

  Can I cancel a direct debit just once?

It is possible to stop a direct debit and restart it again at another time. To do this, you need to pay a reinstatement fee.

  Any other questions?

Contact us on 02 6763 5111 or send an email to