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Join NICU, where scams are taken seriously!

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Tips and security features for NICU members which will help protect your account.

Cybercriminals are working hard to target innocent victims who steal money, passwords and identities. The most significant number of scams are by phone, with the second-highest through text messages. Scamming is more prominent, targeting people 65 years and older, with the second-highest category being 25 to 35 years, and with a substantially higher loss in this category.

We offer tips and security features for NICU members which will help protect your account.



Change your password often, and ensure that they are at least eight characters long. The more you mix up characters and letters, the stronger the password is. 
1. Never give anyone your online banking password.
2. Contact NICU immediately on 02 6763 5111 to reset a password if you think you may have disclosed this information to anyone.
3. Never give anyone access to your computer login and mobile phone passwords.
4. NICU will never ask you to verify or confirm your login password.

Increase your security options

NICU offers extra security features such as a two-factor authenticator, which is an SMS measure when logging on to your online banking. You can also restrict external transfer limits and BPAY payments by blocking your accounts online. To learn more about this read about your online banking security token options.


You can monitor your online transactions through our SmartPAY App. We encourage you to check your transactions regularly. If you see any unauthorised transactions on your account, contact our financial crimes team right away on 02 6763 5111. 


To arm yourself with more knowledge, refer to Northern Inland’s Scams and Fraud: Arm yourself with knowledge. 


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