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Entertainment Ideas To Show Off Your New Home

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Opening up your new place to the people you love is so exciting. These entertainment ideas will not only wow your guests but give you more time to relax with them.

Filling your new space with friends and family immediately makes it feel like home. With a little bit of preparation and planning you can be confidently entertaining without spending the whole time in the kitchen. Instead, you can be relaxing with your guests and enjoying yourself.
Don’t Rush It
There’s no reason not to wait a month or so before your housewarming. You will enjoy hosting it so much more after you are completely settled in. Once you are comfortable, you will be proud to show off your home if you’ve had the time to decorate. Most people love any excuse for a get together, and by ensuring you have time to get unpacked and have the place looking lived-in, you can reduce the stress levels.
Party Food
When it comes to eating, you need party foods that will allow you to be as hands-free as possible when your guests arrive. Buffets full of bite sized nibbles and finger food are the best way of entertaining at housewarming parties. Sliders are another great party food which you can prepare without much fuss. Or maybe a ‘help yourself’ taco bar using fondue and crock pots to keep the cheese and meat warm. Another crunchy crowd-pleasing party food is nachos, served with a wide variety of deliciously cheesy toppings. Whatever you decide, make sure you do almost all of the prep work ahead of time. That way you can keep it casual and inviting, letting your guests just help themselves.
Drink Bars
Self-service drink stations featuring soft drinks, juices, and adult beverages are always a big hit. You can fill an old wheelbarrow or galvanized tub with beer and ice if have the space and weather for an outdoor gathering. They look great, with that farmhouse style, and clean-up is super easy. After the party, you can plant shrubs in them to add some character to your garden.
Lighten Up
A light fixture with artwork or furniture in your entry gives the home some personality from the moment the door is opened. It sets the tone for the rest of your home and can even change the space’s overall feeling. If you only have a small entry, a mirror is always a wise choice because it amplifies the light while also helps to visually expand the space.
Party Decorations
Housewarming party decorations should be included to help make your home feel a little festive, but do not overdo it. Making a home-made ‘welcome’ sign from coloured cardboard, or from coloured sample cards from a home hardware store, can look simple and effective.
Remove Clutter
Whether a fan of the Kon Mari method or not, clutter produces an unconscious chaos. Take some time to ensure everything is in its right place as a priority. You want your new home to seem lived-in, but not as though the housewarming was a last-minute idea.

Ultimately, websites like Pinterest are the place to go when it comes to cheap and memorable housewarming party ideas.
If you would like more information about the process of buying your first home, visit us here.


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