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Ceasing branch cheque encashment


From 1 June 2021, the ability to cash a personal cheque in the branch will be discontinued.

As an alternative our staff will be able to help you with making a normal cash withdrawal and sign a slip without the need of cashing a cheque. For two-to-sign accounts, or those who have a non-signatory cash your cheque for float purposes, please talk to your local branch to discuss your options.
If you pay employees wages by way of cheque, the bearer of the cheque will be able to deposit it into an account and have the funds cleared if the cheque is uncrossed and made payable to cash. You can also pay them electronically through our online banking service.
If you wish to discuss this further, or required help with online banking, please call our Contact Centre on 6763 5111 or visit your local branch. To obtain a copy of the current Chequing Facility Product Fact Sheet, visit our website