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Online Banking and your login Security Token options from 1 April 2021

Monday, 11 January 2021 10:35


From 1 April 2021, only SMS one-time passwords will be available as additional security when logging into Online Banking. The current hand-held security token devices and the VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Access app, will be discontinued.

All online banking users with a limit over $1,000 or those who use Osko, need to register for SMS One-Time Passwords, to ensure continued access with the current transfer limits you require. All Members who have not activated SMS One-Time Password from 1 April 2021, will have their daily transfer limits reduced to the default $1,000 and will have their Osko transfers disabled.

What is an SMS One-Time Password?
SMS One-Time Passwords are single-use security tokens sent to your mobile phone for use when logging into your account online. Please ensure we have your current mobile phone number on record for this to work. You are able to change your details within Online Banking, but need to allow 24hrs for it to take effect. Alternatively contact us during office hours so our staff can update it for you.

How to register for SMS One-Time Passwords
First you need to make sure that the mobile phone you have noted with NICU is the same number as the mobile phone you wish to use to receive your SMS tokens. Next, within your Online Banking session go to the ‘Member Services’ tab and select ‘Setup Security Options’ to register and activate SMS One-Time passwords.
You can then destroy the hand-held device or return to your nearest branch, or uninstall the VIP App from your smart phone once you have activated the SMS One-Time Password security.

How do SMS tokens work once I have registered?

After registering for SMS tokens, when you next use Online Banking, the following will occur:

• Enter your Member number, then your Access Code, then select Log In
• An SMS token will be sent to your nominated mobile phone
• Your Online Banking message will read an SMS one time password has been sent to your mobile number.
• In the One time Password box, enter the SMS token code that has been sent to your mobile phone, then select OK. You will then be logged in to view your accounts.

If you wish to discuss this further, or require help registering for SMS, please call our Contact Centre on 6763 5111 or visit your local branch.