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21/01/20- Scam calls to cardholders

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 09:13


We have been advised of scam calls being made to several cardholders identifying themselves as the “Fraud Department”, “Visa Fraud Monitoring team” and “Fraud team in Collins Street Melbourne” in an attempt to coerce a Member to provide their personal, card number and transactional information.

We remind you:
• Northern Inlands card fraud department will never attempt to confirm the primary account number (PAN) of a customer’s card during an outbound call to a Member.
• A genuine call from the fraud department will only ever ask to confirm the last 4 digits of the card.
• Although the fraud department require limited Member information to confirm high risk transactions, the fraud department will always encourage a Member to contact either their call centre team or the phone number printed on the back of their card, if they are ever unsure or uncomfortable with the legitimacy of the call.

If you believe you may have received a scam call, please contact us immediately on 02 6763 5111.