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Using your 9 digit External Account Number to receive/debit funds


IMPORTANT NOTICE: due to changes with payments systems and software, your Member Number will shortly no longer be accepted when receiving or sending funds electronically.

Instead you need to quote the 9 digit External Account Number that is linked to your account.

Locate your 9 digit account numbers in the green section at the top of your statement, or in Online Banking, under the ‘Help’ or ‘Accounts’ menus.

Provide your relevant 9 digit account number to companies, government bodies and anyone who makes credits or debits to your accounts to ensure you continue to receive funds, and your automated payments continue to be made.

If you have payroll/credit splits set up on your accounts, you need to contact your branch as these will cease working with the account number change.

Your Member number will still be used to log into your online banking, and when speaking with our staff.

Helpful hints: review your account statements to identify entities to whom you need to provide your 9 digit account number.

Entities that make electronic credits to your account may include, but are not limited:
• Your employer
• The Department of Human Services (Centrelink), the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Child Support Agency, the Australian Taxation Office, NDIS
• Medicare
• Share dividends
• Superannuation fund.

Entities that take electronic payments from your account may include, but are not limited:
• Your health fund
• Your insurance company (car, house, pet, personal risk)
• Your electricity provider and natural gas provider
• Your telecommunications provider, including internet services
• Your local council for rates and water usage
• Foxtel, Netflix
• Paypal.

'Nic' Name your accounts: as Member numbers and account suffixes (eg S1, S2, S10) disappear from use, to help you easily identify your accounts, you can select a name for your accounts to suit you. You can give a nickname to your account that describes its purpose (eg Operating, Holiday Savings, Insurance debits etc) or perhaps the payments you receive or send from that account (eg Foxtel, Electricity & Gas etc).
In Online Banking, go to Member Services > Personalise Account Names
For further assistance, call us on 6763 5111 or in Online Banking select ‘Please contact me’ and one of our team will be in touch.