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There are a number of ways you can get help:

  • You can find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions in our FAQs section below.
  • You can contact us directly by email or by phone.
  • If you would like to visit one of our branches to speak to one of our staff, please click here for details on how to contact us.


Listed below are the answers to some frequently asked questions you may have. If your question is not covered, please contact us.

Just click on a question from the list below to find the answer:

  How do I print?

Just click on the 'print this page' link at the top right of every page. This will give you a printer-friendly version of the page you are looking at. Then just click on the print icon on your browser.

  How can I view forms and other documents?

Some forms and documents on this site are provided in .pdf format; these require version, 6.0 (or later) of Adobe Reader. See the Adobe web site for more information about Acrobat Reader. You can download Adobe Reader by clicking on the "Get Adobe Reader" button below. If you are having difficulties downloading the Reader, you should contact your local computer support person. Note when you are printing Adobe forms to use the Adobe print icon and not the print icon of your browser.

  What do I do if the website gets stuck?

If our website goes down (and it is not a problem with your computer or Internet connection) please contact us immediately.

  How do I clear my Internet cache?

You can fix many browser content or functional problems simply by clearing your cache. The website's-Cache contains instructions with screenshots on how to clear the cache for all major browsers.

If you are unsure of what browser version you are currently using, you can visit to find out.

  What browser should I use?

Our site has been optimised for the latest browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) The latest versions of these browsers contain the latest security updates. We encourage you to use the latest browsers.
This does not mean that the website will not be responsive or usable on older versions, just that we do not support them officially.

  What is the optimal screen resolution for the site?

Our has been optimised for monitors running at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher. If you have trouble viewing certain parts of the website please change your monitor settings.

PC screen resolutions

  • Right mouse click on your desktop (screen background) and select Screen Resolution
  • This will open up a box with your screen properties
  • In the Resolution drop down, select  '1024 x 768'
  • After this selection click 'apply'. Your computer may ask you to restart your machine.
  • The latest video cards and monitors can make these changes without restarting.

Macintosh screen resolutions

  • Click the Apple menu (top left of screen) and select Control Panels
  • Double click the Control Panel 'Monitors & Sound' (If you are using System 7.5 or earlier, you will need to double click the Control Panel 'Screen'
  • Click the 'Monitor' button. Your current resolution will be displayed on the right of the Control Panel window
  • Select '1024 x 768'
  • Close the Control Panel 'Monitors & Sound'. Your new settings will automatically be updated.

  What do I do if I get a page error?

When browsing the Credit Union site you may come across page errors. If these errors persist please contact us.

  How do I enable Java script?


  • Javascript is enabled by default in Firefox


  •  In the top right hand corner, click more , and click Settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced
  • In the Privacy section, click Content Settings
  • Click JavaScript, and click Allowed (Recommended) to enable JavaScipt.
  • Close the tab


  • From Edit select Preferences
  • Select Security
  • Tick the check box to Enable Java Script
  • Click X to close


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