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Travel Tips

Travelling, especially overseas, can be one of the most exciting experiences you ever have, but it can also be one of the worst if things go wrong. We have put together a few simple steps to think about when you are planning your next trip to hopefully save you lots of stress and hard earned money.

Notify us of your travel plans

We can monitor your account for any suspicious transactions whilst you are overseas if you advise us of your travel plans.We can also set you up with an alert that sends you a text whenever you make a transaction. That way if it wasn’t you who made it, you will quickly know about it.

You can notiy us of your travel plans on our smartPAY app, by phoning 1300 65 65 81 or by visiting a branch.

Check Government sites

Always check the Australian Government Smart Traveller website for conditions in the countries you are visiting. You can also register the details of your trip before you go.

Money Options

Be prepared and have more than one way to access your money so you don't get stuck if one method doesn't work. Make sure your cards are activated and work before you travel, and know the emergency numbers for lost and stolen cards.

We offer many travel money options to choose from including multi-currency cards, credit and debit cards, foreign cash and travellers cheques. Check out our Travel and Cards pages for more information and visit your local branch to order what you need.

Travel Insurance

There would be nothing worse than being stuck in a foreign country unable to pay medical bills if the unthinkable happened, or being left stranded without luggage or identification.
Travel Insurance provides travellers with a comprehensive range of insurance options within Australia and overseas. Don’t ever think it won’t happen to you!

If you plan to travel, talk to us first.

Make copies of your travel documents

It's good practice to keep copies of your documents with you and with someone you trust back at home so replacements can be organised quickly if required.

 Organise your mail

If you will be away for a period of time, it's good to consider either getting your mail redirected to someone you can trust or getting the Post Office to hold your mail. Identity theft is prevalent so you don't want your personal details stolen whilst you are away.

Check your accounts

When you return from your trip, check your accounts against your receipts and notify us immediately of any discrepancies.

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