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Card Security

To limit your exposure to unauthorised use, follow these simple suggestions to keep your credit card and your money safe.

Your PIN numbers and access codes

You will be given a secure PIN number for your card access as well as required to choose passwords to access your funds via Online, Phone and Mobile Banking. Your card PIN number may be changed at all Northern Inland branches and some rediATMs that display the 'change PIN' option.  It is very important that your PIN is memorised and not stored with your card for security.

PIN Security

You should follow the guidelines below to protect against unauthorised use of plastic card and PIN. These guidelines provide examples of security measures only and will not determine your liability for any losses resulting from unauthorised EFT Transactions. Liability for such transactions are contained within the conditions of use of the card outlined in our Product Fact Sheet.


Guidelines for ensuring the security of your card and PIN:

  • Sign the Card when you receive it
  • Keep the Card in a safe place
  • Don’t select a PIN representing your birth date, part of your name or other obvious code
  • Never write the PIN on the Card or anything kept near the Card
  • Do not lend the Card to another person
  • Do not tell/show the PIN to another person
  • Don’t let others see the Card number and PIN being entered in a transaction
  • Immediately report loss, theft or unauthorised use to NICU or the Card Hotline
  • Keep a record of your Card Number & Card Hotline with your emergency telephone numbers
  • Check your account statement for any unauthorised transactions and report them immediately
  • Immediately tell Northern Inland of any change of address

These are examples of security measures only & will not determine your liability for loss. Liability for any losses resulting from unauthorised transactions will be determined in accordance with the ePayments Code.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Contact Northern Inland as soon as possible and Visa where appropriate.

You can also refer to the Terms and Conditions of Redicard, Visa Debit and Visa Credit Card in the applicable Product Fact Sheets for details of how to report the loss, theft or unauthorised use of the card or PIN.

Internet Security

  • Obtain antivirus on your Smartphone if you use mobile banking.
  • Access web pages directly, don't use a link in an email to get to any web page. 
  • Log onto Northern Inland's website by typing the web address in your browser:
  • Only download files and programs from reputable sources.
  • Increase the security on your custom settings.
  • Keep your account information, PINs and codes confidential and safe.
  • Take care when giving out personal information.
  • Northern Inland will never request you to provide this information via email or phone. 
  • Avoid filling out forms in email messages asking for financial information.
  • Look for the secure site padlock symbol to ensure your financial details are safe.

Verified by Visa

All existing and new Visa cards are automatically registered for Verified by Visa, joining more than 335 million Visa cardholders, for this free service. Each time you make an online purchase with a participating merchant, the Verified by Visa program assesses the risk level of the transaction.  Certain activity may seem out of the ordinary - maybe because it's a high dollar value transaction, or a retailer you've never bought from before.  In these instances you may be asked to confirm some simple personal details - like date of birth or address details - so we can be sure the card is not used without your permission. Your privacy is our priority - this information is used only to verify your identity.

Microchip Technology

The microchip is a smart chip, which appears as a gold or silver square embedded on the left hand side on the front of the cards.  Like a magnetic stripe on the back of current Visa cards, the embedded chip stores your account details - your account name, number and account expiry date.  But unlike the magnetic stripe, the microchip is virtually impossible to copy, which provides an unrivalled level of protection against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraudulent use.

Anti Fraud Measures

Select a Northern Inland password, known only to you to help our staff identify you when you telephone us or visit a Northern Inland branch.

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