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Helping you make smart financial choices is the heart of our focus at Northern Inland. And it all starts with assisting you to choose the right accounts to suit your individual needs.

We'll make it a simple for you to access your accounts the way that suits you, and to manage the everyday basics - like your pay, your bills, shopping and ATM withdrawals. We’ll also show you some smarter ways to set money aside for bigger expenses and special events.

We want to help you with 3 smart steps to managing your money:

  1. Choose the primary account to meet your access needs
  2. Select a savings account to maximise your savings return and suit your needs
  3. Choose an investment period with a fixed rate of return

All of Northern Inland Credit Unions savings accounts and investment accounts are covered by the Financial Claims Scheme. This Government backed guarantee provides protection to depositors up to the limit of the scheme - $250,000 per account-holder per authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs: banks, building societies and credit unions).

NICU discloses information about the Financial Claims Scheme on its PFS for savings and investment accounts. Please refer to theDisclosure Documents page within our website and


Primary Accounts

Start with a solid foundation to manage your everyday finances.

  • On-call Savings
  • Portfolio Investment
  • Pension Plus
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Special Purpose Accounts

Is there something special you want to save for? Choose one of our special purpose accounts to match your budgeting needs.

  • Project Saver
  • Budget Saver
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Young Worker Accounts

An account package for 18-29yr old's.

  • smartSTART Access account for your everyday use
  • smartSTART Bonus Saver to earn a higher interest rate on your savings
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Savings Accounts

Use one of our savings accounts to encourage yourself to grow your finances.

  • Bonus Saver
  • Internet Saver 
  • Christmas Club
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Youth Accounts

Your future starts now. We offer a range of accounts to suit your age and situation.

  • Accounts for Children
  • Teenage Account
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Investment Accounts

Looking to grow your nest egg? We have different investment accounts to suit your investment needs.

  • Term Deposit
  • Future Plus
  • Cash Management
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