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Member Loyalty Program

Northern Inland rewards you for your loyalty with real savings on fees. By saving, investing and borrowing with us you will increase your total balance (deposits and loans) and, in turn, pay fewer transaction costs.

Many members avoid paying any fees at all by making smart choices with their money.

Increase your balance, decrease your fees.

Your Monthly Transaction Rebate is calculated on your average relationship balance (all deposits each month), and is subtracted from the Rebated Transactions & Services which you use:

Total of balances* held with Northern Inland Monthly available rebate
0-24 yrs old - Balances $1,000 or more $1.00 per $1,000
25+ yrs old and non-personal accounts

$5.00 for balances min.$5,000; then $1.00 per $1,000 held in addittional funds

$30,000 and over (personal)

$50,000 and over (non-personal)

Exempt from excess rebated transaction charges
Smart Home Loan held (Home Loan Rewards1) Exempt from excess rebated transaction charges for life of the loan
Home Loan Rewards Credit Card Rate Eligible Northern Inland Members enjoy a discounted interest rate on their Visa Classic Credit Card for the life of their home loan2

1. Home Loan rewards apply only to access methods listed in the 'Rebated Transactions & Services' section of the PFS Fees & Charges/Member Loyalty Program.
2. Eligible Home Loans for the Home Loan Rewards rate include any home loan with Northern Inland Credit Union. When the Home Loan is paid out, the interest rate reverts to the standard credit card rate. Refer to our Interest Rates for details.

*For MLP calculations the balances of Internet Saver Accounts (S99) and Basic Home Loans (L30) are excluded

Multiple Memberships at work

Members with multiple Memberships can link accounts together (conditions apply). By linking all accounts you may be entitled to a larger Monthly Transaction Rebate.

Take control of your money

By maximising your Monthly Transaction Rebate, and being selective in the type of transactions you make, you can operate your account fee-free.

  Fee-free transactions
  • Term deposit transactions
  • Cash deposits
  • Online Banking transactions
  • Phone Banking transactions
  • BPAY payments
  • Loan repayments
  • Periodical payments between Northern Inland accounts
  • Transfer between Northern Inland accounts
  • The first 5 rediATM withdrawals each month
  • The first 5 EFTPOS debits each month

For transactions which are rebated, please see the PFS for Fees & Charges/Member Loyalty Program.

Special Allowances

Special allowances may apply for:

  • Members aged under 25 years
  • Members aged 65 years and over
  • Community support groups

Please contact us for further information.


If you have any questions, please contact us

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